College enrollment and Completion

Each year for the last decade, Match has sent 80% - 90% of our high school graduates to 4-year colleges and 5% - 10% of our high-school graduates to two-year colleges. 

We currently have firm college completion data on our high school graduates from 2004 to 2010, all of whom have been given six years to finish 4-year college.

Among these six early graduating classes from our high school, 51% have completed a 4-year degree and 87% enrolled in a 4-year college. In these early cohorts, an additional 10% of the high school graduates are still enrolled in a 4-year college and might still earn a degree, and 4% have obtained a 2-year degree.

Our early college completion results are similar to recently released college-completion results at KIPP, YES Prep, and other national high-performing charter organizations. And, as the chart below makes clear, our college results are far ahead of the norm for low-income high school graduates nationally.