Spring 2018 marked the second time our students in grades 3-8 took the next generation MCAS assessments.  Furthermore, these exams were administered on computers rather than traditional paper and pencil.  A highlight in our results was a 67% passing rate on the 5th grade ELA exam, which also included an SGP of 67.  (Note: SGP, or student growth percentile, describes a student's academic growth compared to other students with similar testing histories.)

English Language Learners (ELLs) made strong gains, particularly in our elementary grades.  And while we are working to increase the absolute scores on these exams (proficient and advanced passing rates), we are happy to report that six grade levels, in addition to G5 ELA, had strong SGPs relative to our school-wide goal of 65 for each grade.

In addition, our 10th graders continued their long track record of excellence on the MCAS tests. Specifically, 99% and 97% of 10th graders were proficient or advanced on the ELA and math tests, respectively, in 2017-2018.