MCAS Results

One standard of school quality is the rate at which our students score Proficient or Advanced on the state-administered proficiency tests in math and English, known locally as the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System, or MCAS exams. Generally, while success on the MCAS exams does not necessarily correlate directly to college outcomes, student scores are an important barometer of not only student achievement, but also teacher preparation. Our stellar results showcase our teaching excellence and student drive.

In 2014, 80% of our English Language Leaners achieved proficiency in the fourth grade literacy MCAS after being at Match for less than three years.


Proficiency of English Language Learners on 2014 ELA MCAS


When students enter Match, they are typically very far below grade level. The students who took MCAS in 2013-2014 entered Match in second grade or in sixth grade.

Student performance in both math and literacy climbs each year. By tenth grade, nearly 100% of students have achieved proficiency in both math and literacy. 83% of our tenth graders scored in the advanced category in math.

2014 Performance of Match elementary students

2014 Math Performance of Match middle and high school students


2014 ELA Performance of Match middle and high school students