SAT Results

It is our promise that every student who graduates from Match will be prepared for success in college and in pursuing a career. The SAT measures the academic success of juniors and seniors from across the country.  We use this metric to hold ourselves to an expectation of college-readiness as we feel that, for juniors and seniors in high school, the state-administered MCAS exam is not a high enough bar.

Match High School students have historically struggled with SAT exams relative to their suburban peers. However, in recent years, our students have made significant gains on these national assessments. Last year, our high school upperclassmen averaged 1518 on the SAT, a result that is near the national average and well ahead of their peers in Boston's non-exam high schools where the average SAT score was 1162.
The graph below plots all public high schools in Boston. The Y-axis plots schools by the percentage of students who are high need. The X-axis plots the schools' average SAT score.