Match Community Day School

Match Community Day (MCD) consists of the elementary grades of Match Charter Public School. The school serves students in grades pre-kindergarten to five and has a special focus on serving families who do not speak English as a first language.

Vision: What We Want To Be

The Match vision is that all scholars, regardless of their families’ socioeconomic status, education history, and home language, can attend and graduate from college. We further believe that for children from low-income families, college success is the most likely way to escape intergenerational poverty. Our commitment is to provide the support-via outstanding teaching, a long school day, relentless and ongoing outreach to parents, and quality standards-based curriculum-to ensure that every student attains this goal.

Mission: What We Must Do

Our mission is to prepare Boston children, especially English Language Learners and those who would be the first in their families to attend college, to succeed in college and beyond.

Essence Statement: What We Want Our Community to Feel

MCD is an inclusive community that embraces the cultural diversity of our families and the various learning needs of our scholars in a safe, joyful, and rigorous environment. At MCD, we aspire for our families, scholars, and staff to feel challenged, supported, appreciated, and empowered.

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100 Poydras Street, Hyde Park, MA 02136
Front Desk: (617) 983-0300
Fax: (617) 272-3581
Contact: Madelyn Ruiz Deporras

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